Vibrotable multipurpose for making fence panels and pavements

Vibrotable multipurpose for making fence panels and pavements

Kód produktu/ Code of product/Termék kod: AD567
Cena bez DPH/Price without VAT/Ár nélkül: 900,00 €
Cena s DPH/ Price with VAT/ ÁFA: 1 080,00 €

Vibrating table for the production of paving tiles and fence panels (eurofences) 8-10 mm thick table tops, power consumption is 500 watts, operating voltage of 380 V, the weight of 250 kg without forms

Vibrating table for paving slabs, fences, composite foam concrete blocks, figures, statues, window sills method vibrocasting.How it works: Vibrating table consists of a movable table top with a vibrator. All that is rigidly fixed to the frame. It is easily installed on the shop floor or construction site. Vibrating table service 2 people.
Summary of the technology is the ability to obtain a heavy concrete density 2300 kg / m^3 in various forms on the vibrating table. The composition of concrete mix include cement, sand, gravel, water softener.
To get started you need to: vibration table, a concrete mixer, shape, voltage 380V. Vibrating table comes pre-configured, requires no setup and you can start to work immediately after connecting it to the power supply.

weight/váha 260 kg
dimensions/rozmery 210 × 80 × 90 cm


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